Oxford luggage

Oxford’s very first product back in 1973 was a top box… tough, secure, watertight, no-nonsense.

Today, our luggage range is huge, varied and endlessly versatile, but remains true to the simple charms of that first top box.

With shapes and styles to suit all types of motorcycle, we excel in producing well thought-out, reliable kit and really do have a solution for carrying all of your kit - on and off the bike.

Motorcycle luggage exists in a harsh environment, attacked at high speeds by all weather conditions.

It must be made from durable, weatherproof material and have lots of useful features.

It needs to be adjustable, so that it can be fitted to a wide variety of machines.

It also needs to offer decent carrying capacity and to look good on the bike. Oxford’s luggage is always developing; every year we hunt down the latest technology, innovate new solutions and build more functionality into our designs.

From humble top box beginnings, Oxford has become the world’s leading soft motorcycle luggage brand.

Explore our range, then explore with us.




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